The project

Project Dèmos (demos meaning people) is about freedom and empowerment through technology. We know there is a much more efficient way to communicate, organize, and co-create on a worldwide basis, and therefore believe the time has come to update societal organization to contemporary possibilities.

The platform

The Dèmos community works to create an all-encompassing, transparent, and user-friendly platform, for efficient communication, cooperation, and co-creation. We strive to empower people to be able to contribute peacefully, and proactively to societal transformation, in the comfort of a safe online environment, with the look and feel of a game.

The Dèmos Platform combines communication and social networking, problem-solution management and co-creation, grassroots organization (which is natural and spontaneous bottom-up organization), upward control (which is the influence an individual has on public discourse), engagement characters, delegation, and economics into one single interface.

In addition to familiar social network functionality, the Dèmos Platform will:
  • improve the way people handle and share information, cooperate, and act, by facilitating a solution oriented environment, focused on researching topics and possibilities, identifying problems, generating and implementing solutions, and finding a common ground
  • make it easy for people to organize their community, manage their business, and setup grassroots initiatives, by providing them with a structured working space to start and manage projects
  • enhance the individual position and collective influence, by enabling people to delegate their support to others, thereby creating a network of expertise and influence, and track and reflect on public delegates and discourse, state officeholders and finance, in real-time
  • accommodate exchange of property and services in a decentralized market with integrated cryptocurrency, in an effort to stimulate local economy
  • offer an overview of all public interaction on local aggregate pages and the total aggregate frontpage, which serve as customizable newspapers or magazines, and can be filtered according to personal parameters and presets, to give a unique insight into human action
In order to safeguard success and sustainability, to guarantee transparency and privacy, the platform will be built on an open source, encrypted, and decentralized framework. This means that the system will not require a central authority, server, or service to remain operational.

Use cases

Method of operation

The current version of our website is set up as a primary outreach - as a soft launch - intended for promotional purposes, and to attract people who may want to become part of the Project Dèmos team. After the full launch of the project, we will open account registration for people to access and interact with our blog, forum, and integrated social network. We follow a ten step roadmap, focused on three general phases:

informing, visualizing
& designing

(1) At first, we lay down the groundwork that will form the basis of the project, by presenting realistic possibilities and technological solutions that contribute to empowerment and co-creation. We release articles, videos, and interviews in order to keep the public dialogue going, continuously updating and sharing what we envision to be the most ideal version of the Dèmos Platform.

(2, 3 & 4) Donations, and, if needed, an additional crowdfunding campaign finance the production of a documentary, providing an in-depth analysis of the project, detailing the blueprints of the Dèmos Platform, and its potential political, cultural and socio-economic implications.

(5 & 6) With the documentary we reach out to a broader public, presenting our findings, focusing attention on our next step, namely, launching another crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation of the actual Dèmos Platform.


(7) At this stage we recruit a team of dedicated enthusiasts who will be challenged with the task of coding the Dèmos Platform.

putting Dèmos into practice

(8) We release the Dèmos Platform to numerous groups for beta testing.

(9) We release the Dèmos Platform to the public, making the platform open source and accessible to everyone.

(10) We keep improving the platform, creating extensions, and provide support to the community.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


Project Dèmos was founded in 2013 by a group of versatile cosmopolitans; activists, engineers, entrepreneurs, journalists, open-source designers, developers and programmers, philosophers, politicians, scientists, students, and the like.

We believe
  • that regardless of one's personal opinions and preferences, the time has come to think about updating societal organization to contemporary possibilities;
  • that technological advances increasingly provide humanity with the tools to interact, find a common ground, and co-create our shared reality and consciousness;
  • that openly sharing information, transparency, and voluntary cooperation lead to conscious decisions, that these in turn lead to a universal rise in the standard of living, and enable us to prevent conflicts and create a sustainable future.

“I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.”


We sincerely invite everyone to join the Dèmos community and are looking to strengthen our team with dedicated enthusiasts, specifically bloggers, forum and social media admins, marketing and strategy, promotion, design and development, and translators, and partner up with media and similar initiatives. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.

an affiliate

We are inspired by other open source initiatives, and hope to become a bridge and sturdy hub between communities, to pave the way to new possibilities and solutions.


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